Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Why TV writers deserve more money

I can sympathize with the television writers. Writing is hard work sometimes. Other times it's no work at all, and waiting for the next residual check to come in. And let's face it, without the writers there's not much show. Just a bunch of attractive people standing around on an island staring at each other.

This line from last night's Heroes totally knocked me out. To whoever wrote it, thanks for the laugh. (Note: this is not word-for-word, just from my memory):

"...the shrinks locked me in here. They said I was a sociopath with paranoid delusions, but that's just because I wanted to kill them and they were out to get me."


  1. The Enterprise Christmas Party Invitation is now on my Journal! Hope you can come.

  2. Received an error on my first comment - so try again.

    I thought that was a good line too - but I was a little disappointed in the episode - particularly the Nikki storyline.