Friday, May 02, 2008

Don't go to Canada without a good reason

The view from the bridge back to the US

Coming back into the US, we discovered that even with passports for the adults and birth certificates for the kids, they don't just wave you through.

"What were you doing in Canada?" the nice border guard said.

"We went camping."

"For one night?"


Nice border guard looks at my hubby skeptically. "Who goes camping for one night?"
Hubby took a deep breath. Did this guy really want to hear the whole story? "We had a change of plans," he said.

"That's your story?"

Okay, clearly, he DID want to hear it. Hubby gave a quick explanation of how we'd accompanied him on a business trip, how we'd gone to pick up a van we bought on Ebay, how we'd planned to camp two nights but didn't, etc., etc. Finally, the nice border guard let us through. I was starting to sweat.

So we picked up our new van and headed home around 4 p.m. It's a six hour drive, not counting dinner and bathroom breaks. And did I mention I had a migraine? Yep, driving six plus hours with a migraine - never done it before, hope to never have to do it again. We got home around 1 a.m., totally exhausted.

If I had to do it over, we would have gone to a campground near Niagara but in New York, and only driven over for a couple of hours to see the Falls. Plus I would plan it for a time when we could stay longer - I had a commitment on Saturday I had to go to or we would have.

Overall, I'd say it wasn't horrible, but wow, I'm glad it's over. And I bet you are, too.


  1. Heaving a sigh of relief. Glad you finally made it home! I commute to Canada once/month to see relatives. Fortunately, the border guards know me by now. :~D

  2. wow grilling time huh glad you got back home