Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Reality check

(Reality television, that is)

Though I don't think I'd go as far as Simon and call it "atrocious," Jason just wasn't good last night. He needs to go. And I think the other three gave good enough performances that they won't be going anywhere. Sorry, Jason - it was fun while it lasted. David A. gave standout performances - based on singing along, he should win. But I'm still rooting for David C.

On HK, I can't say Matt shouldn't have left, BUT if you were Ramsay, could you pass up his offer to move to the girls' team? I think not. This should be interesting. I don't think he'll be doing the women any favors, but I think he's right about the men not listening to him.

And on Dancing, I can't really say I was sorry to see Shannon go last week, or Mario this week. He was good to begin with, and I don't know if he got too cocky or just wasn't able to meet the challenge, but he never really improved. I still think that it's going to come down to Kristi and Jason, though Cristian could end up there if he keeps getting the sympathy vote.

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  1. I seriously don't think I could cook in Ramsey's kitchen, lol well hell's kitchen, dayem I would bawl my head off