Thursday, May 29, 2008

Important issue

Today I go to the doctor to find out what he wants to do about this gall bladder of mine. So naturally, my mind is on weighty subjects this morning. Like clothing tags.

See, I just had to cut a tag out of my shirt. It wasn't in the collar, because that would be annoying. No, instead it was in the side seam of the shirt. Because it's much less annoying to have something digging and scratching at your side all day.

Here's my million-dollar idea: perforated clothing tags. Once you buy the clothing and get it home, simply tear along the dotted line. Of course, for the OCD crowd I would market a tag album, where you could keep all your tags for handy reference: next to a picture of your garment, you could fasten the original tag, for those times when you can't remember whether to dry it on high or low heat.

I just hope if I have to have surgery that the hospital gown doesn't have a stupid tag in it.


  1. I trust all went well today. I'll check back again... :~D