Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I'm curious - who's staying home this summer because of gas prices?

Have you changed anything about your lifestyle because of them?

Back when the price first went over $2 a gallon, we stopped going places. Our church is sort of halfway between home and the stores, so we would save our shopping trips for Sundays and Wednesdays. All the while, we waited for the prices to go back down.

We're still following that same routine. Every now and then, we might go to the store on a Friday if we're out of something, but generally we don't just hop into the car and drive without thinking long and hard about it.

Next weekend, one of my cousins is having a big wedding reception on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The weekend after that, another cousin is having a big going-away party in the same town before she moves to Texas. I'm going to have to send regrets to the latter, because driving down there just costs too much.

So if we go anywhere this summer, it will be like our recent trip to New York - part of a business trip of Hubby's for which we tag along. He might be going to Memphis later this year. That would be fun. But other than that, we've got to learn to love it at home.


  1. We don't realy go places in the summer anyway its my husbands busy time and he never gets time off. And generally the only places we go are less then 2 hours drive. So not to awful. But still I dream of prices being back in the 1.80 range. pathetic lol

  2. We are not going any where this summer either not only because of gas prices but becasue right now hubby has no job (his job went over seas *sigh*) but I know we will get through this rough time :). Found your blog through Anne's.

    I am a homeschooling mom too!! :)

  3. Yes we can't afford to go anywhere, shoot bought a state park pass and no state parks near us so that was a total waste, might make it to one a couple times which won't even pay for the friggin pass but least we will use it I guess. Trips to town are to combine many errands, if i have one thing to do it waits if its not top priority and I'm only two minutes from town. I told hubs would we would get a plasma tv when gas prices get back below 2.00 a gallon. Go ahead USA make me eat my words as I hang a new tv on the wall

  4. I am not sure about a big summer trip either but I have decided to be a tourist in my own town.