Monday, May 05, 2008

Marriage Monday: The Crazy Way We Met

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Two years ago, I wrote extensively about my whole courtship with my wonderful Hubby, so if you want to read more detail, look here, here, here, and here. But as for the crazy way we met, well, it went something like this...

I like to think of my meeting with my future Hubby as being one of those examples of God doing everything in His own perfect timing. You see, we attended the same church for years, literally, before I ever noticed him. There's even video of the two of us standing next to each other in a church Christmas play. So even though he was there all the time, I firmly believe God kept me from seeing him until the time was right.

Hubby had this friend named Rob, and Rob was a friend of mine as well. In typical fifteen-year-old girl fashion, I had no idea Rob liked me. He was just a guy with whom I could discuss Star Trek. One night, there was a concert at the church, and Rob was helping clean up afterward. Suddenly, there was future-Hubby. There wasn't literally a spotlight shining on him or angels singing, but it sure felt that way.

My jaw dropped and I said to Rob, "Who's your friend?" He introduced us. Within the week I had gotten hold of future-Hubby's phone number and called him repeatedly. I didn't know Rob had told him to stay away from me, and I probably wouldn't have cared if I had. He was funny, cute, and fun to be around.

By the end of the summer, before he left for college, I knew we were going to be married one day. It's one of the few times I've heard an actual voice in my ear tell me something. He was driving, I was in the passenger seat, and in my right ear a voice said, "You're going to marry him." Pretty scary for a fifteen-year-old girl! I shrugged it off. But it was always there in the back of my head.

Of course, it was six years and many frustrations later, but it happened! All in God's perfect timing.

If you'd like to share the crazy way you met your spouse, hop on over to Chrysalis and join in!


  1. Very cool story. Only 15 when you met him? I love those kinds of stories!! God is good, and good for you for being open to His voice! May God bless your marriage today. :-)

  2. We met in the 7th grade - at the YMCA water safety course we all had to take for health class. We were together off an on until October of our Sophomore year - and have been together ever since and just celebrated our 17th anniversary in March!

  3. cute story! and 15! hey.. I guess I can't say much, i met Mr. C when I was 17!

  4. A lovely story. That sort are always good.

  5. Grinning broadly!!! You really had some determination to get your man! The Lord is faithful to reveal His plans when we most need them, isn't He?

    Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday today, Jana!

  6. Ahhh, your story is great! I love the way the Lord revealed to you your future hubby!

    Wishing you many many more happy years ahead!


  7. awwwwww! Your story was great!

    I firmly believe God kept me from seeing him until the time was right.

    I love how you seen God's hand in it.


  8. Sometimes, you just know that you know! Our youngest daughter just got engaged and will be married in October. When the Hub and I sat down and talked with them, they said they just knew they were meant to be together! The really awesome thing is that our daughter who had been raised in the church was kind of adrift. After they hooked up, they both started coming back to church and he became a Christian! It's all a part of the bigger picture!

  9. Loved your story. I laughed at the video of you standing together. My DH swears I was not at a church retreat early in our "getting to know you" days. He has pictures of me that HE took that weekend, and still does not remember me being there. It wasn't the right timing, yet. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I think that is just awesome. God's perfect timing is all over that. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Even though I was "around" while it was happening, it was fun to read more of the details of your love story. :-) I didn't know about the Rob angle! Thanks for sharing.