Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Make room for Mommy

Since the announcement of my June 27 surgery date, Hubby has been working hard to complete the floor in our new master bedroom. If the floor is done in time, we will move our bed over there and I can recover in relative isolation.

This room has been four years in the making. Which is not to say we've worked on it for four years, because we haven't. But we did what we could when we could. Now it's down to the floors. Tile will cover one end of the room, where we will have our laundry and a small kitchenette. The rest of the room will be bamboo planks.

So far we have about 1/3 of the tile down and many rows of bamboo. We plan to finish the tile this weekend. Incidentally, anyone who tells you tile floors are easy to install is LYING. I think we've now installed every type of flooring there is - hardwood, carpet, laminate wood, vinyl - and tile is harder than any of them.

Which is not to say we won't do it again sometime. We're gluttons for punishment that way. But we won't be doing tile in any of the rental houses.

We'll see if we can get moved in there by next Friday. My original deadline for the room was December 2004 (the baby's due date). Yeah, missed it by THAT much.

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  1. RIGHT!!

    Love you, Sissy...ya know God's got our back and your front. I'll be praying for you!!