Monday, June 23, 2008

Movie Monday

Welcome to Movie Monday, where I pull a random DVD off my own shelf and review it for you. If you'd like to join in, just pick a movie you own and tell me three things: Why did you buy it? What's it about? What's your favorite line?

Today, I used to a random number generator to choose my movie. And it's a good one.Bowfinger stars Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy. I actually can't remember if I bought this movie before seeing it, or if I saw it and had to own it. Either way, I would definitely watch it again. Steve Martin wrote it as well as starred in it, and he is at his comedic best here.

The story revolves around Bobby Bowfinger, who wants to make a movie starring the world's biggest action star, Kit Ramsey (played by Eddie Murphy). But he's not available. So Bowfinger decides to follow him around and film him anyway. Hilarity ensues. Honestly, you can't even imagine some of the truly hysterical scenes in this movie. My favorite is probably when Eddie Murphy is running across the highway for a scene. They don't stop the cars or anything, they just have this poor guy run across the highway. Absolutely hilarious.

As for favorite lines, well, pretty much anything that comes out of Christine Baranski's mouth is a gem. Not just the line, but the way she delivers it. When she goes up to an already-paranoid Kit Ramsey and starts talking about aliens, it's just priceless.

If you're a fan of movies, the making of movies, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, or if you just want a good laugh, I recommend Bowfinger. It is rated PG-13, so watch responsibly.

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