Monday, June 16, 2008

Movie Monday - MIB

Welcome to Movie Monday, where I review the movies on my own shelves. If you'd like to join in, just grab a movie you own and tell me these three things:

- Why did you buy it?
- What's it about?
- What's your favorite line?
This week, I've chosen Men In Black, starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. What The Princess Bride did for fantasy movies, MIB did for sci-fi. I can't remember if we saw this movie before we bought it, or if we bought it solely on a friend's recommendation, but we've watched it over and over, so it was definitely a good purchase.

Men In Black or MIB (you have to say MIB in a high, squeaky voice - don't ask me why) is the story of a cop who gets recruited to join a top-secret non-government organization. That organization's purpose is to keep people on Earth from knowing that aliens exist, while at the same time policing those aliens who have chosen to live here. A very bad alien, simply called a Bug, lands on Earth, and starts doing very bad things. One of my favorite parts of this movie is watching the brilliant Vincent D'Onofrio play the rapidly decomposing Edgar.

Director Barry Sonnenfeld seems to delight in drenching his actors in all sorts of disgusting goo. His commentary is well worth watching. It's a visual commentary, so he talks and draws on your screen. Too funny.

My favorite line? After Edgar goes out to see what the noise was (it was the Bug's ship crashing), he returns as the Bug wearing an "Edgar suit." Edgar's wife (played perfectly by Siobhan Fallon) asks, "What was that?" Edgar-Bug replies, "Sugar." "Never seen sugar do that," replies the wife. It's one of those lines we say all the time around here. It's multi-purpose. And hilarious.

**FLASH** The blog post you've just read was not about aliens. It was a reflection caused by pockets of swamp gas. You will have a nice day.

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