Monday, August 20, 2007

Diaper countdown!

Last night, I opened our last bag of 78 diapers. I am fervently hoping that this will be our LAST bag of diapers. The two-year-old has been telling me when he needs to go for about a week now. He wears underwear most days, though he still has two or three accidents a day. But I've been trying not to put diapers on him during the day unless he wets all of his underwear. He's doing really well.

Since my first and third sons both waited until they were well past their third birthdays to be fully trained, I'm excited! At this rate, he'll even beat my second son's family record of two and ten months! And Hubby's excited because he won't be paying for diapers anymore!


  1. Good luck. I remember buying the last box of diapers. It's all very exciting. LOL.