Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Teenage mating rituals

It's pretty fun sitting up on the creek bank watching the "push boat" operators. The Junior Counselors are two 13-year-old boys, and one boy who is older, maybe 14 or 15. They are all cute (and I say this strictly in a parental "aren't those kids adorable" sort of way and not in a weird way at all), but there is one who is definitely a future hunk. Yesterday we had one 13-year-old girl come by to ride in the boat. As if that was actually why she came over.

Today, we had a whole flock of girls. Now, keep in mind, the girls are supposed to be doing other stuff while the boys are doing water activities. And yet, for some unknown reason (-->hot guy(s)), they are dallying around the boat. Giggling. Squealing. "Oh, don't splash me!" Giggle, giggle. And the boys, because they are boys, splash them even more. And then the girls throw the boys' towels in the creek. And so it goes.

Oh, this boy's parents are in for quite a ride.


  1. Ah, I remember those days (mostly) fondly.

  2. Yes, you are in big trouble with having 4 boys. I have to fight my way out of the front door with a broom just to leave my house. Beware, these teenage girls travel in packs! LOL

  3. Oh man...the teen years. I recall those and the heartbreaks that went with it too well...