Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I think I'm allergic to fresh air

Two days in a row now I've come home with a killer headache. There must be a front moving in, because the weather tends to play havoc with my sinuses. And of course, all the things I'm allergic to are mostly outdoors. But that's okay, the headache doesn't get really bad until the end of the day. The kids are having a blast with all the camp activities: swimming, wagon rides, paddle boats, tubing. My assignment is watching the "push boat," a little rowboat that the junior counselors push upstream for a ride. It's nice and shady there, and there's nothing for me to do, so I brought a book and read the whole time.

I also somehow managed to volunteer to play piano the rest of the week. Not quite sure how I did that. I've been practicing since we got home, and it's shaky. I'm a very right-handed pianist. I can play the right hand no problem, but if I have to play the left with it, I slow down to a crawl. Throw in four flats in the key signature, and I might as well forget it. So they'll have the right hand only tomorrow, which I suppose is better than no piano at all, which they've had the first two days.

And hopefully this front will pass overnight and I won't have another headache.


  1. Oh dont even speak tome of headaches. I just got over a week long one about saturday adn now another migraine is trying to make its way in! sure hope yours goes away!

  2. Oh man, I feel for you on the headache thing. We were out at the pool Monday and I think it was so hot, humid and bright that it gave me a headache. I couldn't shake it all day.

    Hope you're better today!

  3. There never seems any fresh air around here!