Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Committee time again!

Is it time for our homeschool co-op committee to meet already? Yup. We've got to go through all the class ideas sent in and decide which to offer and during which period (there are 3). Then one of the other members will send out the class lists and registration forms. And then comes the really fun part - I get to put all the kids into their classes. Except there are always people who won't get their first choices because they didn't send the form back, or just because of the luck of the draw. If 30 people sign up for a class all on the same day, but the class only takes 20, I have to cut it off.

And then there are those people who refuse to list a second choice class. They assume they'll get first choice, or they don't see a second choice they like, so they just don't put anything. Which means phone calls from me, because I am not a mind reader.

I think next semester I'll offer a class called "Reading and Following Directions" but it will be for the parents. You see here where it says, "List a first and second choice for each period." This is not a suggestion. We actually need that information! Oh, and the deadline date? Yeah, that actually means something!! And teachers, see where it says, "Maximum class size?" If you leave that blank, I will not limit the number of rowdy six year olds in your class. SO ya might want to fill in a number. Thankyouverymuch.

((Deep breath)) Okay, I can do this. Those forms won't roll in until August. Must rest now.


  1. Those sort of committees always sound noisy.

    Back from vacation.

  2. LMAO @ "I think next semester I'll offer a class called "Reading and Following Directions"

    I wish you patience. LOL.

  3. Yeah - I love how people follow directions........ugh

  4. Being someone who is completely paranoid about missing deadlines - it pisses me off when people do and get away with it.

  5. You should put the forms online, so it won't take the submission without the required data!!
    Good luck!