Monday, July 23, 2007

Opening my own library soon...

Despite the fact that I would really have liked to go camping again this past weekend, I decided there was really too much to do around here. So we stayed home and worked. I did tons of weeding and trimming of bushes, so now our front walk looks a lot less like the approach to a spooky abandoned house.

I had mentioned to Hubby that a set of shelves in the school room might be nice, since I seem to have a talent for picking up huge stacks of used books, and I long ago ran out of shelf space for them. Instead of the simple set of two shelves under the window that I suggested, Hubby is building me an entire WALL of shelves. Now I'll have room for all my books, and I can shelve them according to Dewey decimal number. We just have a few more shelves to cut and mount and it'll be done.

Now I'm itching to go to another book sale.


  1. Dewey decimal? Oh honey you are starting to scare me ...hehe

  2. I know, I kind of scare myself.