Wednesday, July 11, 2007

WCW - Overmerchandising

TKW's little game is back this week, and as soon as I saw this item in the grocery store, I knew it would make an appearance here.

We tried donut peaches a couple of years ago and loved them, but they're kind of pricey. I mean, if we each want to eat one, that's six, and when they're 4 for $3, that means you're spending $4.50 for one serving per person! That's more than a lot of dinners cost around here. Anyway, I saw these clamshell packs of donut peaches that had seven in them for $1.99. Then I picked it up and saw the label.
That's right, Pirates of the Caribbean peaches. Let me be the first to say huh??? Did peaches play a major role in the Pirates movies that I'm not remembering right now? I could see Pirates apples. I could definitely see Pirates rum. But peaches? I really want to know, who buys these peaches solely because they have a cartoon Capn Jack on them? Not me. I bought them for the price. That's my story.

So my W for this week is "Walt Disney is taking over the World!!"


  1. Too funny!! My kids would love those, simply because of the theme, but they love the fruit anyway :-) I love the price!!

  2. very cute....who knew pirates liked peaches??

  3. I saw a special on the power of persuasive advertising in the food industry with children...amazing. It's sad that Disney's promoting fruit but I guess it's a more healthy alternative to all the sugary cereals that always sport cartoon characters and whatnot...yes, I know...sad but true.

    WWWWWWalt and WWWWWWorld! Double Bonus Points!!

  4. Not only that, POTC merchandising goes on here in Britain as well.

  5. Jean-Luc - see, they're taking over the WHOLE WORLD!!

    TKW - good point, at least it's fruit and not candy.

    Tommie - I laughed all the way through the grocery store.

    Arlene - I know, great price!