Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Creation Museum

Before I tell you about the museum, for anyone who might stumble across this review I wanted to tell you that I have studied evolution. I spent hours every day for two weeks straight reading books and websites devoted to it. I approached it with an open mind, sincerely wishing to understand what it is that so many scientists accept as fact. And then I taught it in my homeschool, before moving on to the Creation as taught in the Bible. Before you negatively comment on my point of view, I'd like you to do the same. Go to Answers in Genesis and read everything you can read in the next two weeks. Read the book of Genesis itself, in whatever translation you like. And read it all with an open mind, clear of skepticism. Take a couple of hours to explain it to someone else with no editorial comments. Then come back here.

The first things you notice at the Creation Museum are the dinosaurs. And not just dinosaurs, but dinosaurs next to people. As you walk into the first room, an archeological dig is taking place. You are shown through a series of illustrations showing the conclusions that man has come up with apart from the Bible (millions of years, molecules-to-man evolution), and then the same illustrations are used to show that what we see in the geological and fossil record can be explained by what we read in Genesis. The difference between the two is their worldview. One says, "God cannot exist, therefore..." The other says, "God exists and gave us a book of history, therefore..." But could all the stuff in Genesis really have happened? Let's explore further...

As you go through the museum, you see the six days of creation. Everything is good, and then Adam and Eve eat that fruit. Sin enters the world, and with it death and suffering. Corruption. God's creation is no longer good, and He decides to wipe it away with a worldwide flood. Only one man and his family escape. Now, we've all heard stories of Noah's ark. But hearing about it is nothing compared to seeing it. In one room of the museum is a full-scale replica of one tiny portion of the side of the ark. You can walk through the inside, too. Even at that, it's hard to imagine the size of it. Big enough to hold two of every kind? Absolutely. In a series of dioramas, we see the loading of the ark, the flood, and the receding of the waters.
Now, at this point, my children became restless. It was past lunchtime, they were hungry, tired from driving all night, and just wanted to move quickly from room to room. So I'm sorry to say I missed many of the more interesting topics covered by the museum, such as the Scopes trial, racism (the Bible is AGAINST it, in case you were wondering), and whatever else was in those last few rooms I got pulled through! We did, however, get to see the dinosaurs models, which come last. It was so refreshing to be able to read the information about each dinosaur without seeing that it lived "250 million years ago." Instead, most of the dinosaurs are biblically dated to have lived around 2500 BC.
From one visit, I would say that this musuem's main purpose is not evangelism. That may surprise you. But it is an unfortunate fact that many people who claim to be Christians do not believe the accounts in the book of Genesis. I think this museum's message is that you can be a Christian and KNOW why you believe. And in turn, tell others why. All Christians need to visit this museum, if at all possible.
I would say if you are not a Christian, and are not willing to open your mind to the possibility that this museum tells the truth, don't go. In other words, if you're going to approach it with a closed mind full of sarcasm and skepticism, save your money. But if you're prepared to believe that there is a God, go see it.


  1. Great post Jana! I hope some will take you up on your challenge, but most do not want the Truth to get in the way of their beliefs.

    We also visited the museum and enjoyed it very much.

  2. This is fantastic Jana. Thanks for such an awesome review, with photos. I've read much of Answers in Genensis website--thanks to you--and it's very helpful. Have a great day! Many blessings, e-Mom

  3. This place looks really cool. I have never heard of it before.

  4. Thanks for the heads up. I bookmarked their site so we can go there one of these days. I've often been confused on the whole dinosaur/Christian issue. I'm glad there's some good explanations out there.

  5. Hi! I enjoyed your blog. Your boys are beautiful. I am also the mother of four boys, but I am blessed with a precious daughter right in the middle of them! I am very thankful for Answers in Genesis. We have been to a few of their seminars, but not to the museum. I hope to, though! Their books are very good. I plan on slowly collecting them for my homeschool science center! You can visit my homeschool blog at I am trying to meet bloggers with common interests, I am new to the blogging world! :0)