Wednesday, July 25, 2007

When the power is out

I woke up this morning to the sound of... no sound. We have a constant hum around here: fans or air conditioner, depending on the heat; the dehumidifier in the basement; two refrigerators; and an assortment of electronic devices. Together, they create a droning not unlike the deep underlying drone of the engines on the USS Enterprise. But this morning, we were dead in space. No power.

Have you ever noticed that it's hard to think of things to do when the power is out? My brain went through the following conversation with itself:
- I ought to get a shower.
- You can't - there's no power to run the well pump.
- Oh, right. ((dozing)) I should go do my blog for the day.
- You can't - there's no power to run the cable modem.
- Oh, yeah. Well, I need to call-
- You can't- you have VOIP service. No internet, no phone.
- Oh yeah.

I don't know exactly how long the power was out, but the freezer is beeping its little alarm that tells me it's too warm inside, so it must have been a while. Thank goodness I can do stuff now. Um, what was it I needed to do again?

I would never make it in the Amish world.


  1. I always have the same problem! I can't think of a single thing to do when the power is out. I figure I would eventually get it together if society collapsed, but for the first week or so I'd walk around in a daze checking light switches and trying to get my screen to come up...

  2. just found your blog. i think no power = sleep in. good excuse.

  3. When electricity is out, the 'you can't' line comes up a lot.

  4. Yeah its funny how you think of things you want/need to do and then can't do them without power.....