Thursday, July 05, 2007

Vacation is coming (really this time)

The trip we were supposed to take last month has been re-scheduled for this month, and it's coming up fast. We're going to take a couple of days on they way out to Wisconsin and a couple of days on the way back, to see what there is to see. Technically, they're field trips, since we're on next year's school calendar now.

The camper adds a new dimension to the whole vacation experience. I need to pack not only the usual clothes and toiletries, I also need cookware, towels, lawn chairs and other things like that for camping. Now I know I'll forget something. ((Sigh)).

I'd like to get the house cleaned up before we go. I hate coming home to a messy house. We'll see how that goes.


  1. YEAH!!! Vacations are great! While you are in Wisconsin - give a big ol wave over here to MN - I will wave back!

  2. I love love love camping in a travel trailer!!!!!