Wednesday, July 18, 2007

WCW - Party time! Excellent!

For this week's Wild Card, I had no trouble finding a picture. I saw this and immediately thought of TKW. This is the sign that was in a ballpark near the playground we visited Saturday.
I bet you know the W's I'm thinking of for this picture. As soon as I saw the sign, I could hear Mike Myers and Dana Carvey in my head: "Chick! Schwing!" Major Wayne's World flashback!

So there you have it. Did you play?


  1. Very cute! I hadn't thought of that in years.

  2. LOL! What a weird name for a stadium. I used to love Wayne's World. To this day when I hear Queen I think of that video of them in the car. LOL.

  3. Oops - I was in my account for my other blog - it's me :)

  4. Funny sign, is Chick Schwing a person, I wonder? happy wcw

  5. That is freakin' hilarious!!!!! I totally loved Wayne's World (it was supposed to take place in the town next to my hometown...Aurora, IL)...and Dana Carvey? (sigh) Hilarious.

    WWWWWWWWWWayne's WWWWWWWWWWWWorld! Double Bonus Points!!!