Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I've got shelves!

I mentioned a while back that Hubby was going to build me some shelves in the schoolroom, but I hadn't gotten a chance to show them to you. This first picture is the amount of shelves I asked for:
Just those two shelves under the window was all I really needed. But Hubby pointed out that it would be just as easy to add a few more on either side. So now I have this:
And this:
And see the shelf around the top? That goes all the way around three sides of the room! Let me tell you, this is a homeschooling mom's dream! I had a couple of homeschooling friends over and they were so jealous! Thanks for doing this for me, honey! I love it!


  1. Great shelves!! I must now go repent of envying your shelves :(
    I have a spot in our school room (which looks suspiciously like a dining room most days) (and vice versa) that I keep thinking needs a credenza. Isn't that a great word? But, you know, cool shelves would be lovely...thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. Ohhhh that is a scrapper/stampers dream too.....very jealous....can I borrow the hubs?? hehe

  3. That's fantastic! You can never have too many shelves! Make that man is favorite dinner :)