Thursday, August 23, 2007

Help me and win stuff!

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It's been two and a half years since I started this blog, and in all that time there's been something that's bothered me. The name. When I was filling out the form to start with, it asked for a name for the blog. I glanced next to me on the desk and saw a travel magazine called "Going Places" and I thought, yeah, that's a good name. But ever since then, I've been trying to come up with a better name. And I just haven't.

So I'm turning it over to you. Going Places is going away. But what will the new name be? I want something that reflects who I am, without being too wordy or cutesy (though I can at times be both wordy and cutesy). What I'm going to do is take suggestions, either in the comments or through email. I will take submissions from now until next Friday the 24th at noon. Then I will decide by the following Monday which new title I like the best. If you haven't been reading me very long, peruse some of the archives to get a feel for what I write about.

And what do you get for all your efforts? Well, I'm putting together a prize package. I know I'm going to put a couple of books in there. What I'll do is make this a sticky post and as I add prizes to the list, I'll put up pictures. I want to make it worth your while.

In the meantime, spread the word! The more suggestions I get, the better. Snag this button and tell people about it! Oh, and in the event I can't find a suggestion I like a lot, I will randomly draw a name to win anyway!

EDIT: Here are prizes #1 and 2, novels I have recently enjoyed, that I would like for someone else to enjoy!

Prize #3: This lovely autumn-themed candle holder, with candle.


  1. Well, I think you've got a great tagline up there already:

    Who Could Ask for Anything More

  2. I'll have to give this one thought. If I come up with something good, I'll be back :)

    All I can think of now is Hitchhiker's Guide to Homeschooling. LOL... Too many words, huh?

  3. ugh, I would love to do this but I am horribly uncreative! I want to change my name too! Can you give me your cast off ideas? lol