Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ode to British television

Lost had ended, Heroes finished,
Summer stretched before me
With only a few reality shows
And reruns left to bore me.

Then BBC America became
My new nighttime sensation.
Robin Hood and his band of thieves
Brought endless fascination.

Oh, the adventures, the intrigue, the fun!
A favorite legend of mine, redone,
With new twists and turns to thrill my heart,
Now I want the second season to start!

But old BBC had more tricks to show me.
Gordon Ramsay's nightmares enthrall me.
Restaurant owners can be so clueless
But Gordon's there to help them through this!

British humor (or humour) is always a hit,
And BBC America has plenty of it.
Whether reruns of Coupling, The Office or Whose Line
An evening of laughter leaves me feeling fine.

And lately there's Jekyll, another old story
Redone for today in all of its glory.
Will Dr. Jackman's dark side foil him?
I've not watched the finale - don't spoil it!

BBC America, what will you show next?
Maybe I'll have to catch reruns of Hex.
Until Robin returns with his merry men,
Or Lost is finally on again.


  1. I'm with Jean-Luc.

    I don't watch BBC much. I've always loved Whose Line is it Anyway? though.

    I haven't watched the Robin Hood on BBC but I'll have to check it out. Robin Hood is also a favorite of mine - from the Disney cartoon to the Kevin Costner/Christian Slater movie. (I have that on VHS. I was obsessed with it. LOL.)

    Love your diaper countdown in the sidebar. LOL.