Thursday, August 16, 2007

Open letter to Movie-Going Idiot and His Wife

Dear Idiot,

I am sure that your Nirvana t-shirt means a lot to you. It's probably one of your treasured collectibles from the days when you used to sit in your bedroom at your parents' house, listening to "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and hoping your parents couldn't smell what you were smoking. You could probably sell it on Ebay for a decent profit. But you, sir (and I use that term loosely) did not use what little brain the weed didn't kill when getting dressed yesterday morning. And I did not appreciate having to stand in line behind someone with eight different obscenities written across his back, when I have two children who can read. Exactly what were you thinking when you decided to wear that to a "Family Friendly Movie?" Did you not realize there would be children there?

So please tell your wife/baby mama that despite appearances we were not trying to get in front of you in line. I was just trying to stand between my kids and your highly offensive article of clothing. If I'd stepped in front of you, that would have left them wide open to it. I hope you really enjoyed the 20 minutes of the movie you saw before your screaming child forced you to leave. Next time you go out in public, dress appropriately to the situation. If it's a choice between that shirt and no shirt, leave it off. Assuming you have nothing even more obscene tatooed on your skin.

Thank you.


  1. You know I really think I would have said something to that guy! That is just awful!

  2. I HATE Situations like this....especially now that one of my children is a reader.

    The worst - we took a trip and stopped at a service station bathroom - inside was a vending machine for sex toys. My son just stood there and read the thing before I could do anything.

    I asked him if he had any questions. He said "no". Thank goodness he was only 6 and didn't really understand what he was reading!!!!

  3. Just think, if the kids went to public school, they'd get to see and hear stuff like that ALL the time :) Next time what you do is read it to them and have a really loud and clear (but sweet) lesson about why those words are bad, why we don't say them, why people who think those words are ok are really just so very lost and need our sympathy, etc. Girl, use those teachable moments to kill multiple birds with one stone! ha

  4. Well said, Jana. What kind of moron wears that to see a family film?