Friday, August 31, 2007

Moving... or not.

I should have said yesterday that just because the London Eye has, in my opinion, completely marred the aesthetics of the city, that doesn't mean I won't go up in it the next time I'm in London. Of course I will! Just like I may think the name Chunnel is stupid, but that doesn't mean I won't use it. I just like remembering London the way it was, that's all.

And now for something completely different. There's been an offer of a job for Hubby in the Land of Snow and Cheese, aka Wisconsin. They really want him for either of two jobs there, actually. At this point, we're not interested in moving, but if they make a good enough offer (which, obviously, we need to define before he goes out there to interview), it might be worth considering. The plan right now is to play them against where he works now (same company, different location) and see what they'll offer him right here. Not moving would be good.

Then again, I had a look at the WI homeschool laws and it sounds SOOO much better than PA. That alone makes it kind of tempting!


  1. Well, if you do will be my neighbor! Woot!

  2. Moving could be One Big Adventure.

    Recently, my husband got an interview in Tennessee - which seems so far away from Oregon. After much talk, he decided not to even interview. Neither one of us really wanted to move so far away from family/

  3. Jana, as I live in Britain (Birmingham) and have visited London many times. I dislike the London Eye and think it marrs the landscape as well. I don't think the name 'Chunnel' either.