Monday, October 01, 2007

Birthday month - Day One

Official celebrations may begin - it is now my birthday month! While there are no official ceremonies planned, don't forget that my birthday month always ends with lots of people donning costumes and handing out treats. Start planning now!

In other news, Fred and Ethel are not at all pleased about being told to move out. We weren't home all day yesterday and when we finally got home last night, we had an angry message from Fred telling us we were making a mistake, because Jack and Jill are the ones who called the cops on them. Um, duh! That's one reason we know we're not making a mistake! Then he started ranting about his security deposit and taking us to court. Yeah, good luck with that. He signed a lease saying we have 30 days after they move out to get any money back to him. And unless the house is trashed, he'll get all of it back that he's supposed to.

Honestly, in almost nine years of being landlords, this is the first time we've had people complaining over and over about one of our tenants. Do they really think they're the innocent ones here? I have nothing against them personally, but they clearly cannot play nice with others, and I'm tired of the phone calls. So my phones are off until they calm down. They've said they'll be out by the 30th. We'll see.

Hey, where was I 12 years ago today? Any guesses?
That's me in a Rockapella sandwich. Mmm.


  1. Yay!!!! We love birthday MONTHS!

    What is it with you and #7? Now I just giggle....

  2. You did the right thing with Fred & Ethel.

  3. You actually know those guys from Rockapella??? How cool. :~)

    BTW, you might be interested to know that Marriage Monday has a new home. If you're planning to post your marriage wisdom any time this week (open topic) I'd love to have you link up at Chrysalis. Think about it!

    Blessings, e-Mom