Friday, October 26, 2007

Tagged by Cheeky

Cheeky has tagged me to reveal six random facts about myself. Not weird this time, just random. Okay, here we go:
  1. I am about the least crafty person I know - and by crafty I mean able to make crafts. I just don't have the patience for it, and trying to do it with four kids I'm pretty sure is one of the non-violent forms of torture used by the military. If my kids want to do crafts, I put them in the craft classes at co-op.
  2. I always put my left contact in first, even though I'm right-handed.
  3. I once set off the burglar alarm at my boss's house and couldn't turn it off (the code wasn't working), so I just ran away before the cops came. Major adrenaline rush.
  4. I have been to multiple Star Trek conventions, and yes, I have my own Next Generation uniform. I wonder if it fits again...
  5. I will never have enough DVDs. That's just the way it is.
  6. I'm thinking of writing a screenplay about the life of Nathaniel Hawthorne. I just need to do a lot of research and I'm not sure when I would actually be able to do that.

And now I'm supposed to tag other people. Hmmm. Okay, by closing my eyes and randomly poking at names on my blogroll, I come up with Karmyn, E-Mom, and Mrs. D. Have fun!


  1. When I wore contacts (before lasik) I always put the left one in first too....LOL

  2. So - what is it about Nathanial Hawthorne that makes you want to do a screenplay? I know nothing about him except for the books he wrote.

    I'll get to this next week. I have just the thing to say in it.

  3. Cheeky - my optometrist seemed to think that was weird, so I guess we're both weird.

    Karmyn - He had a really fascinating life - just the story of how he met and wooed his wife would be a great romance, but he also knew many of the most famous people of his day. I wrote a paper on him in high school and have just loved him ever since.

  4. Hey, I almost missed my tag... you're so sneaky. Glad I came over to poke around your blog tonight. Thanks! :~))))

    You're too smart to waste your time with lots of crafts (although I used to love them.) Get busy writing that screenplay instead!