Monday, October 08, 2007

What a great weekend!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes - that was awesome! We left here Saturday morning and didn't get back until 8 last night. We had such a fun weekend!

The boys all decided to stay with my parents, so Hubby and I got a date night! We drove the two hours to Philly, and then drove around trying to figure out where to park. The concert was part of a big fall festival in the town of Bensalem, and parking was nonexistent unless you wanted to walk a half mile. Finally, we saw some signs saying there were buses from the high school. Once we found that, we were good.

We got to the amphitheater and there were these red metal mesh seats on either side of the stage, right up front. Over on the right side, there were empty seats in the front row! So we went over and grabbed them. I tell you, if you're going to go see Rockapella, you must get a front row seat if at all possible. It's just like on a roller coaster - the other seats are fun, but you're going to get maximum thrills in the front.

Here's something the people in the back didn't see - watch Scott's microphone (Scott is the blonde, in case you're new to Rockapella).

Scott did see me in the front and wave right near the beginning of the concert. Unfortunately, because there were going to be fireworks after, everybody had to clear out and I never saw the five guys together after they left stage. I did happen to run into Scott and he wished me a happy birthday and gave me a hug. I say "happened to" because there were thousands of people, and it was dark. My hubby saw someone he thought might be Scott coming from the general area of backstage and sure enough, it was. Anyway, long story short, I didn't get them to sing Happy Birthday to me. :( Maybe next year.

But it was awfully nice of the town of Bensalem to put on fireworks just for my birthday! Take a look!

Then yesterday, we hung out with my parents at the campground in Hershey (Hubby and I slept in a tent - my back still hurts). We played tennis and mini golf with the kids, which was fun. I only had sandals, so I took them off to play tennis. I do not recommend barefoot tennis. Maybe on a grass court, but not on cement. Still, it was fun!

Now I'm going to do some shopping with my birthday money! Later!


  1. Yeah sounds like much fun was had. And fireworks for your birthday is really cool. I had them for my birthday in 2005 in Charleston when they opened the new bridge....

  2. Happy day-after-your Birthday! YOU celebrated in style... no doubt about it. Blessings, e-Mom

  3. That sounds like a great few days! You guys packed a lot into it :)

    Barefoot tennis - ouch! I do a lot barefoot, but tennis, unless it's wii tennis, is out. LOL.

    Happy belated birthday!