Friday, October 26, 2007

Halloween pics

So we went trick-or-treating last night. And to answer Mrs. Darling's question, I really think people from neighboring towns do come in, and then vice-versa. The whole county does this - there's a listing in the paper. Some towns were last night, some are tonight, some are Sunday, and a few are even on Halloween. But how weird to have to look in the newspaper to see when trick-or-treating is!

Anyway, we picked a neighborhood we hadn't been to before (since our neighborhood doesn't participate - houses are too far between and far back from the road) and went to every house with a porch light on. Apparently, we found the right place to go. There were very few kids and the people gave out candy by handfuls just to get rid of it. Then we went to our local community center for a Halloween party and they were trying to get rid of all their candy too. Each boy came home with over ten pounds of candy!

So, without further ado, here are the pictures of the final choices of costume. We had a few shake-ups. I loved the robot idea, but didn't have any of the dryer vent to do arms and legs. So here's what we did.

Oldest son was an alien again. He loves that costume. I think he's going to be 35 and still trying to wear it every year. Second son decided to go with an idea I had for third son - sunburned tourist. Only he had to be the Sunburned Ice Cream Tourist from Lilo & Stitch (a character who never speaks and who is constantly dropping his ice cream before he gets to taste it). We made the ice cream so it fell out if he tipped it, and I used bronzer and blush to give him that sunburned look. Third son was a train engineer. He loved the idea at first, then he hated it. I finally convinced him it was really good and he went with it. Isn't he adorable? And the two-year-old was a cow, again. Easy and cute.


  1. Too cute -

    That is weird to trick or treat so early....

    The only time there was question where we lived is when it fell on Sunday - then we would do it on Saturday instead

  2. Unusual costumes; they look good in them.