Thursday, October 04, 2007

Two days to birthday!

My oldest son started talking at 18 months, and everything he said could be understood by almost anyone. I'm told I was the same way as a child. Then my second son came along, and no one could understand him except me. He went to speech therapy, and by the time he was three, he spoke very clearly.

Apparently they've changed the rules since then, because even though my youngest was saying fewer words and was less easy to understand than #2, he didn't qualify for speech therapy. And so the battle continues - I understand, but only what he's said before. If he adds a new word, it involves me having to determine from context or repeat it over and over myself until I figure it out. Endless frustration for both of us.

So for anyone who is planning on visiting, or who might be living with, a toddler, I'd like to present the toddler translation dictionary.
  • nant noo - thank you
  • mcnahno - McDonald's
  • it neem - ice cream
  • ferdetti - spaghetti
  • wake - like, as in I don't like that
  • ahmam - I am
  • nant - can't
  • fadater - refrigerator
  • difor - dinosaur
  • nain - train
  • Nahmit - Thomas, as in the tank engine

Just a small sampling, of course. But I'm telling you, if they ever let toddlers join the UN, I'll be a shoe-in for translator.


  1. I think little kids just say cool stuff! And they do figure it out eventually.
    At the moment the little boy I look after says 'dar' everytime he sees my car, which clearly means 'Debbie's car'!

    Another boy I was caring for a while back (I referred to him as The Little One on my blog) called a horse 'uh-see' and Thomas the tank engine was 'Mum-uss'. Not to mention me being called 'bubby' for a while!

    I think it's really cute:-)

  2. It will get better - OR you will be better at figuring it out. In the mean time its way cute....

  3. hee hee - cute.

    So - do you think the criteria has changed due to funding issues?

  4. Don't feel bad, my SIL askes her 4 year old what the two year old is saying! lol

    Happy B-Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!