Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's a grand slam

I find myself missing Denny's this morning. What could I possibly miss about overpriced food, slow service, and the much-less-than-five-star dining experience? Well, it's not so much the place, it's the time in my history.

My senior year of high school, they built a Denny's literally around the corner from my house. Lots of kids from my class applied to work there. I don't remember if I did or not, but future-Hubby came home from college and started a painting business, and I decided that would be a good way to spend time with him - work as a house painter.

While the days were long and the work was hard, I always looked forward to the evenings, because future-Hubby would come from whichever job he'd been supervising and we'd go out to Denny's. I don't remember getting meals there, just dessert - the chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream on top in particular. But then, we didn't go for the food. We went to hang out together, talk, laugh, or even just be quiet together. In the fall we'd be going to different states for college and we wanted as much time together as we could get.

And sometimes we'd bring his friend Dan along, who was just about the funniest person I'd ever met, and he kept us both in stitches. It was a fun summer. And every now and then, it would be nice to go back there.

Do you have a special place you'd like to revisit?


  1. The pizza joint in our hometown. The pizza wasn't really all that good but it was where all the kids went after the game. We would hang out inside or out in the parking lot - just laughing and being kids - no drinking, no vandelizing cars none of that bad stuff - just fun......They don't allow that anymore...cops will come and make you leave - even if you aren't doing anything....its sad....I mean where are kids supossed to go to hang out and be kids ya know?

  2. Rome and Egypt I could list as places I'd like to go to again.

  3. Too many really. That's a nice memory. I have a few similar ones.

    The first memory that pops in my head that I'd like to go re-live for a little bit, is my Tae Kwon Do training. It was one on one with my Master. I especially loves sparring. It was hard work but so rewarding. I also miss the special relationship I had with my Master (teacher). He was probably the greatest mentor I ever had outside my family. I credit him for a lot of the good decisions I made in life.

  4. I grew up in Canada, and we didn't have Denny's up there. But my husband liked going because they were open all night (and in college we were night owls!)

    Nowadays we go out for Mexican food, in every city, no matter where we are. We couldn't find any decent Mexican in England... strange, eh? :~)

  5. Hi Jana, and thanks for visiting my blog and letting me know I am not alone. It sure is nice to know someone understands.
    Denny's holds a special place in mine and my husbands heart too! The Holiday Inn that we spent our wedding night in had a Denny's. We ate there and have always pointed out just about every Denny's we've ever seen since then!