Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Fake Quote of the Day:
"Nine hundred isn't so much." -C. Ripken
That's right, this is my 900th post. Don't worry, I'm not going to list 900 things about myself. I never even did 100 things about myself. I figure if anyone's that interested in me, they can go back to day one and start reading. Eventually, they will cull at least 100 interesting facts about me from my archives.

So, who watched the boys last night? Why do they call them boys? Is it in deference to those under 18, or is it because they call the female group girls? Anyway... I still have my two favorites, both named David - Hernandez and Archuleta. But a surprise contender has emerged - the other David, David Cook! He did a version of Lionel Richie's "Hello" that was absolutely amazing. David A. and David H., on the other hand, weren't as good. So I cast my vote for David C. this week. I'll be shocked if all three David's don't enter the Top 12.

As for the other guys, I'm betting it will be Luke's turn to go home, but I'm not sure who the other will be. Jason Castro was awesome, so it better not be him. It might be Chikezie (Oh, please let it be Chikezie). I doubt it will be Danny or Michael. Hmm, I'm forgetting one. Maybe he'll go home, since I can't even remember who he is!

And did you watch "New Amsterdam"?? Wow. More on that later.


  1. First, congratulations on 900!! You don't look a day over 899 ;). You've got me wondering how many I've written between Blogger and Typepad.....

    Anywayzzzzz, I learned I discriminate when I find out someone's a stripper. I just don't want a nekkid boy being my next American Idol. You've named my faves--David A., and David C. who DID rock the house last night! I just wanna do somethin' with his hair. I'm also a fan of Jason I hope they continue.

    I'd be happy if the final was all boys....

    so far, anyway.


    Robin @ PENSIEVE

  2. Robin - yeah, the whole stripper thing... I don't know. The boy can sing, though. And I totally agree about David C's hair. Ew. Just ew. And yes, none of the girls stand out to me, so I'd be happy with two guys left at the end.

  3. 900...eeek! Did you say three years of blogging? (Pause. Scroll down. Oh, in the post below.) Well, you're a whole year ahead of me... and squillions of posts, for that matter.

    Congrats Jana. That's amazing!