Friday, March 21, 2008

If this robot wants to take over the world, at least it'll be a clean world

Today's Fake Quote:
"I could have told you to get a robot." -R. Jetson
As I sit here typing this, the bane of my existence my basement floor is being cleaned. My wonderful, handsome, intelligent, hard-working husband got me a little something:This is a Scooba, from iRobot. While I relax, blog, and drink my coffee, Scooba is downstairs vacuuming, scrubbing, and drying my floor. I used it yesterday on the bathroom floors and the upstairs kitchen and it did a fine job. Now it's tackling the filth of my basement floor.

It automatically goes around the furniture and any other obstacles. I did have a slight problem when it got to the cabinets - the baseboard is off temporarily and it kept getting stuck. I blocked that off and now it's happily buzzing around down there.

Ah, life is good. Now if I could just get a robot that would pick up toys, we'd be set.


  1. Are you serious, Jana? Surely you're joking. (I'd better check out your link.) Fake quotes and fake robots, right?

    Have a joyous Easter with your family!



  2. LOL - I hope they don't make robots that clean the whole house or I'll be completely useless ;) ... So, does it work?

  3. Thanks for the heads up. :~D Actually, I did check out your link after I left my previous comment, and sure enough, it's TWUE! Jana, you're such a fun person. I love this... :~D

    You must have the most techy husband in the world. An engineer???

  4. eMom - Yup, he's an engineer, for sure!

    Tee - it definitely works! They make vacuum ones, too - that's next on my wish list!