Friday, March 14, 2008


Fake Quote of the Day:
"I think that's perfectly normal." -A. Yankovic
Hubby and I had a nice dinner out last night. You would think it would feel weird to sit down and have a meal without children complaining, yelling, singing, and all the other things my kids do at dinner. But it didn't. It felt... normal. And sometimes a mom needs to feel a little normality.

A friend and I were talking the other day about how we feel "normal" again now that we've lost our baby weight. And it's really true - I feel like me again. Only with four kids. I like to think that people see me walking through the store with the boys and think, "No way are all those kids hers! She's too young and thin!" Yes, maybe I'm delusional, but whatever gets you through the day, right?

We'll be heading home tonight, but for now I think I'm going to go do something really... normal.


  1. Maybe what you have is a "new normal."

    Congrats again on losing all that weight. You're a true inspiration. :~D


  2. I have lost track of normality.....

  3. I can't wait to feel normal after getting rid of this excess weight. 15 down 45 to go lol

  4. Who are we to say what is 'normal'?

  5. I felt normal and like me...until about three months ago.

    Someday I will again...for now I will just live through you guys if that's OK.

  6. i still have about 10lbs to feel like "me" again! Gah!

    We have dinner out just the 2 of us on the agenda very soon. Can't wait!!