Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Top 12 - Week one

Today I'm feeling... about the same. I have a dentist appt this afternoon - maybe I'll ask him to novocaine my whole head. My migraine cleared up enough for me to enjoy AI last night, though. Well, most of it. Some of it was just not enjoyable.

What a shock, too! My favorites totally bombed (honestly, David H. - way overdone, and David A - if you're going to sing something, learn the words, dude!), but David Cook once again blew me away. I just wish SO hard that he would do something with his hair!! The girls were unimpressive except for Brooke, who comes across really honest and believable to me. I agree with Simon about her. And hey, consistency is one of the keys to winning this thing.

But my favorite of the night, and the biggest surprise to me for being my favorite, was Chikezie. His biggest problem right now is that he's not consistent. But if he keeps doing what he did last night, he's going to go far.

In negatives, let's see - Syesha didn't do anything impressive. Ramiele was bo-ring. So was Michael. I mean come on people - you're singing Beatles songs! Some of the best songs ever written! At least try to pick interesting ones! And the country thing Kristy did was totally over the top. Cute, but not good.

My pick for who's going home tonight - Ramiele. Could also be Kristy or Syesha. It won't be a guy.


  1. Yup, you pretty much said it. I thought the Beatles night would be amazing, but it was kind of dull. Chikezie was fun though!

  2. I loved Chikezie.

    Kristy tonight. I doubt Ramiele, but I've been wrong before!

  3. For some reason I haven't gotten into it this season - bummer