Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The return of Dancing

Fake Quote of the Day:
"This isn't reality; this is fantasy!" -S. Guttenberg
When yet another of the children has succumbed to the nasty stomach thing of the weekend, is it any wonder I like to escape to an alternate reality? The alternate reality of reality t.v., that is. Dancing With the Stars is back and it's looking like an exciting season!

So far, the women have the men beat. This might finally be the year for a woman to win again! I knew when I saw Kristi Yamaguchi's name on the list of stars that it would be a good season. She is really amazing - I could definitely see her taking the trophy.

I want to like Priscilla Presley, I really do. But I can't stop looking at her hideously over-Botoxed mouth.

Marlee Matlin is amazing. Simply amazing. Her dancing is easily on par with all the other good dancers, and they all have the advantage of being able to hear the music. You go, Marlee!

The only two men who have a shot are the football player (sorry, my brain automatically blocks all football players' names from sticking) and Mario. Both of them are shockingly good, though not as good as the other Mario (Lopez).

Last night, the first half of the show, the judges were ridiculously hard on people. I especially felt sorry for Steve "Dancing-is-the-key-to-world-peace" Guttenberg, who wasn't nearly as awful as they seemed to think. Monica Seles, on the other hand, is more awful than they give her credit for. You know those dance routines where one partner pretends to be a mannequin while the other one moves and poses her? It's a lot like watching one of those.

Then, the second half. I said to hubby that they must have a bottle hidden under the judges' table or something, because their moods definitely improved. The stars seemed to be taking last week's comments into account and improving their dancing, and the judges love that.

Overall, I think Monica has to go. With the men, it's a toss-up. Could be Penn, could be Adam Carolla, could be Mr. Enthusiastic Guttenberg.

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  1. It seems the whole world has gone dancing crazy.