Monday, March 31, 2008

Some movies I've seen recently

Fake Quote of the Day:
"I know a good movie when I see it." - E. Wood
I've watched a few movies recently that I thought were worthy of comment. We have the Encore set of movie channels that comes with our digital package, so we have the opportunity to catch lots of "new" movies about two years after they hit the theater.

We watched Invincible a couple of weeks ago. I highly recommend this movie. Not only is it a true story, it's told with lots of heart and is well-acted. And for me to say that I liked a football movie, you know it has to be good. It's also the first football movie I've seen that makes playing football look like a tough job, which I liked.

The other night we saw The Night Listener. Awful. Just awful. The audience is deliberately misled in the beginning, and it just gets worse from there. Don't even watch this if you're a Robin Williams fan.

Then there's The Guardian. Now, this could have been a good movie. But it had some major problems. First of all, there's no clear beginning. And then there's no clear ending. And then there's all the stuff in between. I had the privilege of studying screenwriting with a bona fide professional and I can tell you she would rip this script apart. But the story itself is enjoyable and life-affirming and worth watching. So this one gets a mixed review. Watch it if you're an Ashton Kutcher fan.

Fight Club. Now this is one screwed up movie. If you can stand the blood and violence, it's worth watching. Though I have to admit Hubby and I figured out the secret very shortly into the film and weren't surprised at all when it was "revealed." Still, it was interesting.

My favorite recent film was The Prestige. We figured out the big secret only a few moments before it was revealed. Hubby loved it because Nicola Tesla was in it, among other reasons. I just thought it was brilliant. Watch it, then watch it again. Because you'll want to.

What movies have you enjoyed recently?


  1. We watched an Ah-nold movie on Sat. nite. Normally I don't enjoy "boy" flicks, but this one was very funny. Too bad I don't remember the name. :~D

  2. I have seen the Prestige and I have always wanted to see the Fight Club - its in my Netflix just haven't gotten to it yet.

  3. I saw Mary Poppins...

    Yeah, we don't get out much...but we did just get Netflix!