Thursday, March 06, 2008

PPL - Spring limerick!

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We're going back to the trusty limerick this month. For some reason, limericks are not easy for me. But since I must prove my poetic genius by using any or all of the following words: green, irish, leprechaun, shamrock, Easter, Spring, kite, windy. --- Here we go!

Irish leprechauns all dressed in green,
Four-leafed shamrocks that good luck mean,
Easter Day at first light,
Windy days with a kite,
All are signs of each Spring that I've seen!

A leprechaun wanted to go
To town for the big Easter show
He let out a big cheer,
"Spring is finally here!"
Then he tripped and fell face down in snow.


  1. I really like the second one...funny!

  2. Those are funny! I'm with you, though, I had trouble with limericks as well.

  3. DADGUM!

    Poetic genius, you ARE!! LOVE 'EM BOTH!!!

    (Hear my applause??? It's rather loud.)

    Very nice did a thousand percent better than me w/the "all word" challenge. I bow, Jana, I bow :).

    Robin @ PENSIEVE

  4. another round of applause.
    I think your second one is BRILLIANT.
    Fell in the snow.. bwaa ha ha ha.
    And it wouldn't take much to sink a leprechaun.

  5. hee hee - LOVE the second one!

  6. Jana...very nice limericks! I like the second one....all the limerick writers seem to have abusive thoughts toward leprechans. lol

  7. Terrific! I like both of them but the second one gives me such a visual... I can just see that leprechaun on the ground, buried in snow (doesn't take much snow to bury a leprechaun you know!)

  8. Hi Jana, You are a winner in the truffles/Truffles by the Sea contest...but I don't have your email. Please contact me via my website before I eat all these truffles myself...;)