Monday, April 09, 2007

Good morning, um afternoon!

I am just now having my morning coffee. It's 2 p.m.

As you may remember, I had an unexpected root canal about a month ago. For whatever reason, it decided to start hurting yesterday. I tried various home remedies for toothaches. Some worked. Some didn't. But the pain kept getting worse. By bedtime, even extra strength pain relievers were doing nothing. I tried to sleep but I couldn't.

I spent most of the night, until around 4 a.m., awake and in agony. I was finally able to get a couple hours of sleep sitting on the living room sofa. Finally, at 9:20, the dentist was able to see me. He said I should be 100% better now, but he left the tooth open to allow any trapped gases to escape before he finishes the job on Wednesday.

So I got home around 10:30 and went to bed. I just got up at 1:30. The boys have been good, considering I wasn't around to get them snacks every three minutes. And hopefully I will be able to sleep the next two nights before getting this thing finished.


  1. You poor poor thing. My tooth aches just thinking about yours. Hope you are better soon.
    And WOW congrats on your TV!

  2. :p That sucks! I hope you feel better soon. Glad the boys are behaving. That makes a huge difference!

  3. Ouch ouch and more ouch. There is nothing worse than a toothache!!!

  4. Ugh, tooth pain! I'm sorry hun :-(