Thursday, April 12, 2007


Things that don't go together:
  • Kids with ear infections who can't hear, and parents with sore throats who can't talk
  • New short sleeved shirts I'm dying to wear, and 40 degree weather
  • Tight jeans, and playing on the floor with a 2-year-old
  • My teeth - where the dentist didn't file down the new filling
  • My desire for a clean house, and four boys
  • My desire for a clean house, and a dog with incontinence
  • All the books I've bought recently, and all the time I have to read them
  • The button on my size 12 jeans, and the buttonhole (but hopefully not for long!)

The two-year-old has mastered opposites. Some words he can't say yet, but he can say the opposite word. So, for example, if he wants to go down the steps, he points to them and says, "Not up." He's also mastered an essential skill in this house: the blame game. Last night, I found all the train tracks in their room torn apart and spread everywhere. I asked who did it, and he said, "Not me. I-tick." (which is what he calls the 5-yr-old).


  1. "My desire for a clean house, and a dog with incontinence"

    Hahahahahaha EWWWWWWWWW

  2. Oh I can relate to the wanting of a clean house and four boys. I cleaned before bed and I woke up to a disaster! My vacuum cleaner is clogged with their popcorn... I have a headache now.

  3. That list looks so familiar to me...except the incontinence thing...mine would just include TONS OF ANIMAL HAIR.

  4. I LOVE the opposite talk! That was too cute!!!!

  5. The blame game! Tyler still tells on himself all the time, he hasn't figured out the blame game. When Ariel's guilty she'll just look down when you ask her :-) The blame game might be more fun though when it comes to torturing your kids ;-)
    The opposites are cute! Are you going to get your tooth filed? Why does your throat hurt? Are you getting sick too?
    How are they doing with the eye drops?

  6. "Tight jeans, and playing on the floor with a 2-year-old"

    GAWD do I hate that. Errrrrrgh. Annoying.

  7. JanaB - you wouldn't be laughing if you were here...

    Shelly - Ugh

    Karmyn - Oh, we've got the hair too. Pee and hair. It's a wonderful combo.

    Jean-Luc - happy to provide amusement!

    Mer - yes, he is too cute!

    Arlene - yes, I need to go back to the dentist. Don't feel well enough to do it right now though. Hopefully it's just a sore throat.

    TKW - I figured you'd relate to that one.