Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm going to brag

I don't often get a chance to brag on my kids about stuff like grades or awards or things, because of course, they don't get them. I mean, not the objective-third-party kind. When I was in school, I was always bringing home certificates for this and awards for that. Not to mention lots of A's. When you're homeschooling, giving your own child a certificate saying he's the best in his class is kind of meaningless.

Anyway, here in the stupid, annoying state of Pennsylvania, we are required to give our children a standardized test in 3rd, 5th and 8th grade. Now, I'm not sure how accurate these things are supposed to be. The fact that they don't even look at his score should tell you something. They just mark off whether he took the test or not. But I'm still going to brag.

My son, age 10, fifth grader, scored at a 12th grade level on the reading comprehension section of the test! In vocabulary, he scored "Post-High school!"

Okay, brag over.


  1. WOOOHOOO!!!! Doing the happy dance for ya! Brag on!

  2. When a person can brag...do it!!

  3. That is AWESOME - You are obviously doing a great job teaching your sons.

    But, this also clearly shows that the U.S. is seriously lacking in their standards for public education. (shouldn't they have higher standards for 12th grade reading comprehension if a 5th grader does better - homeschooled or not?)

  4. AWESOME!!! and Congrats!! we start homeschooling this year... we've officially hit kindergarten :) I (we) can't wait!!!

  5. Wow how awesome! Good job mom!

  6. Wooo hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on that!