Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wild Card Wednesday

Today, for TKW's "show-me-a-picture; any-picture" game, I offer the following:
Rockapella, kings of a cappella music, will be performing a mere twenty minutes from my home this Friday night! Those of you "in the know" will notice that this is an old picture. (Elliott, the guy second from the right, has not been with the group for a long time now.) That's because this

is the last time I saw them in concert. Three years ago. Imagine going without something so vital for three years! And the best part? I will be going alone. No children climbing all over me. I will be free to enjoy the concert, and to hang around afterward for as long as I want.

If these guys ever come near your town, you MUST go see them. Though I warn you, they are addictive and extremely habit-forming.

And finally, thanks for the award, TKW! I will be doing my "thinking" post later. It's too early to think right now.


  1. that's fun that you will get to see them....I can't remember the last real concert...(meaning not Disney on Ice, Sesame Street Live, etc) that I have been to!

    thanks for stopping by

    happy wednesday

  2. Ooooooooooohhhhh! It's always great when music you love comes close enough to be enjoyed live.

    :) Congrats on the award!!

  3. I've heard of them, and I've heard they're habit forming :-) Have lots of fun, and how great that you get to go alone! Double treat!