Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wild Card Wednesday #4

It's time for TKW's random new game, Wild Card Wednesday! It's also the day the dentist finally finishes my root canal. Yippee!

So, for today's WCW, I have a riddle. What has eight red ears, six pink eyes, and cost me $300 yesterday? Yeah, it's my kids. All four have double ear infections, and three of them have pink eye, but the doc just gave all four eyedrops because there's very little chance the fourth one won't get it. At least it's the once-a-day antibiotic instead of three or four times a day. That right there is $218 worth of medicine. After insurance. Plus the $20 per child copay at the doctor's office.
And I haven't even gotten the bill for my root canal yet.
So, did you play?


  1. O.M.G.!!! I can't even imagine! So sorry... that's some crazy stuff! Sending "W"ell "W"ishes!!! :)

  2. Parenthood is a wonderful thing aint it.. My three girls have had the gammet of illness recently. I now get X-mas cards from my doctor. I think we have paid for his kids college education by now..great WCW thanks for stopping by my blog..I/O

  3. oh wow!! I hope every one is feeling better soon.
    I played.


    We have one ear infection here. OMG. Poor you.

  5. Whoa.

    I'm feeling way sorry for you. Besides having the World's Crabbiest Kids (and with good reason) on your hands you've also had to blow some good spending money on meds.

    Sheeh. Kids.

    I'm giving your lots of Bonus Points just 'cause you need them.

  6. O.M.G.

    When did kids get so darn expensive?

  7. That is just wrong ! The sickness and the cost to fix'em. Are you getting ANY sleep ?

    Ben had pneumonia over Easter. I'm thinking, enough already !

  8. Wow that sucks! I don't understand that, they say ear infections are not contagious but why do the kids get them at the same time? Weird

  9. Angi, IO, TommieA - Thanks!

    Kami - I know!

    TKW - Thanks for the points. And the sympathy!

    Tammy - I keep telling the kids if they'd just stay well we could do more fun stuff! ;)

    Cindy - Yes, it's gotten better. We had a pretty good night last night. Of course, now The Hubby has it!

    Jnas - I think it's the colds, not the actual ear infections. But still.