Thursday, October 19, 2006

And yet there have been no arrests

Someone is trying to kill Jerry Springer. It may be a conspiracy, I'm not quite sure.

Week after week, we have watched him dance the samba, the waltz, the paso doble. Week after week, he is clearly falling apart. And yet he keeps coming back. This week he was barely able to dance. Next week he has to do TWO dances. Are they insane? I don't know how old he is, but I do know he's too old for a serious dance competition. He's not going to win, so why do people keep voting for him?

Let the poor man go home. Or his epitaph may read, "His fans killed him."


  1. Maybe his partner could do a lap dance with him instead...would that count?

  2. Trin - that would be a DEFINITE heart attack!!

  3. I only watched this once - and I had the heart attack watching him dance. It was painful.

    But I did notice one thing - the judges have really loosened up since the first season. They are much more forgiving than before.

  4. I agree. His goal was to be able to learn to dance the waltz for his blind daughter's wedding. He did that now let him go back to what he's good at so I don't have to watch him suffer anymore. (I'd don't watch Springer anymore - too over the top, and too much violence for TV lmao!)