Friday, October 20, 2006

SPF - ...and the kitchen sink.

Kristine's taking it easy on us this week. Which is good, because I need an easy week.

1. The Kitchen Sink Some of you might remember that I have two kitchens. (But not three, which apparently all the newer apartments have (reference to last night's The Office)). This is the clean(er) kitchen sink, the one in the upstairs kitchen.

2. Something you need to fix. This is my old Floormate. I have expounded before on the virtues of the Floormate - cleans any hard floor, vacuums, wet scrubs and squeegees. It's wonderful. When this one broke, it only cost a little more to buy a new one than to fix this one. But I'd love to get this one fixed and have one for each floor.

3. Something you're going to throw away right after you take the picture of it.

Last night's coffee grounds. Must make fresh coffee. Now.

Happy SPF! Did you play?


  1. MMM fresh Coffee. I think I am going to head downstairs and get a fresh brewed cup!

    I played!

  2. That floormate sounds SUPER useful!!

    Thanks for dropping by!

  3. I would love to have a sweeper on each floor...but since my hubby is the sweeper in our house, I really shouldn't care! :-)

  4. I really wish i had one of those for the dog.

  5. *roaring laughter* You have FULL SIZE BEANS IN THERE!!!

    I don't know why I found that so funny, but it made me giggle, which made my stomach make this weird sound and oh yeah, I left you a comment back on my blog ;) hee hee. I'm evil.

  6. Gotta love fresh coffee. It gets me going in the morning! ;-) Great SPF -- wow, two kitchens! Would love that, but then I'd have to clean them. :-(

    I played.

  7. I don't drink coffee but ... are there supposed to be whole beans in there?

    Thanks for stopping by mine :)

  8. I know, I know. I was in a hurry when I ground it and apparently they didn't all grind. :)

  9. I spy a bread machine. I never use mine. I so need to sell it.

  10. I love your new template!!

    And coffee. As long as it's starbucks.

  11. O how did I miss that reference to 3 kitchens in the office? Please enlighten me. Maybe I need to get my hearing checked. Thanks for visiting my Friday Office blog. I love hearing others comments on the show!