Tuesday, June 26, 2007

At least I got two hours of peace

Last night I went to a Pampered Chef party. I had never been to one before. They have lots of cool stuff! Next to bookstores, kitchen gadget stores are my favorite. Which is why I rarely go into them - I would come out with $100 worth of stuff I don't really need, but which I was convinced at the time was essential to my ever cooking again. Anyway, fear not, I only bought a set of measuring cups, which is something I have been needing for months. And then I got to sample some really yummy food. We all know that any food eaten at a party has no calories or fat, right?

Naturally while I was gone there was an injury at home. The five year old banged his head on the ceramic-and-cement basement floor. He's fine, but there's quite a knot on the back of his head. Poor boy - two head injuries in less than two weeks.


  1. I love parties like that for some reason!
    Poor boy :-(

  2. I wonder if he's growing? My kids are more accident-prone when they're getting taller...

    I have so much Pampered Chef stuff that it's embarassing to even think about it. For a while there everyone was having parties, and I was starved for grown up time, so I went and went! It's good stuff, at least, but considering I'm not really a cook it's a bit silly...

  3. Love the Pampered Chef parties - just because they have some easy recipes.

    and my favorite product they sell? The garlic press - just so you know.

    A month ago, my daughter ran head first into a tree - and it swelled up. She still has a small circular scar. I think it will be there for life.