Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Wii workout

Sunday, we brought home a Nintendo Wii. Hubby had heard about it from some guys at work and thought it sounded like a fun family thing. And let me tell you, it is!

It came with Wii Sports, which has tennis, bowling, boxing, baseball and golf. My oldest son started whining right away, "I don't like sports games." Well, guess who has been asking to play it the most? It is so much fun! If you haven't seen the ads, the remote is wireless and is used like a tennis racket, or like a baseball bat or golf club. You actually swing the remote and the player on-screen does what you do! It's really cool. Here's a video where you can see some people playing sports, among other things.

Yesterday I played boxing. Let me tell you, forget workout videos, this thing gives you a real aerobic workout! You have to keep punching to win (you punch while holding the remote in one hand and the nunchuk, an attachment, in the other). So you're actually punching to get your player to punch. It's a lot of work!

We also picked up the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End game, where your Wii remote becomes your sword. Awesome! We're all stuck at the same place in the game right now, but it's still an awful lot of fun! And again, lots of real-life action swinging that remote around!

Today I am sore! My legs and my arms all feel like I've been playing actual sports instead of a video game! This is going to be really good for my oldest who isn't really into sports in real life. It gets us all up off the couch.


  1. Ive never fully understood the wii thing until now! It does sound like afun gme. Wonder if I can talk hubby into buying one?

  2. Looks like a way to burn off energy!

  3. I have often wondered about those things - seriously thinking about getting one for me,,,errr the kids - yeah the kids LOL

  4. We have a Wii and we LOVE it! The best games so far have been Wii Play and Wario Moves. You're going to have so much fun playing with the Wii! And you can even download all the original Nintendo games.

  5. When you mentioned in my comments today that you had a Wii too, I had to come search your blog!

    I love the Wii tennis and boxing. My arms are sooo sore, but I can't believe how much fun I'm having!