Friday, June 29, 2007

SPF - Kid art

Kristine wants to see our favorite piece of art from our children. Since I homeschool, I get to see all my kids' art projects, good and bad. And I also get to see the thought process behind them. And what can I say? My kids are weird. Case in point:
I can't remember the exact assignment, but I know he was supposed to paint rocks and flowers under a tree, creating a sort of triangular focus of interest. My goofball son "misunderstood" and painted rocks and flowers under a tea. Iced tea. Complete with a straw and a wedge of lemon.
Where do my kids get this weird sense of humor?


  1. Ha ha ice tea, cute. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. This is the best laugh we've had all week! Just which one of our extremely artistically talented (challenged) grandsons painted this masterpiece? OR would you prefer he remain anonymous? Actually, many a marvelous piece of artwork has been painted by Anonymous. Love ya,
    Dad and Mom

  3. LOL!! That is should write that onthe back so you don't forget 20 years from now!

  4. Well, hey - the iced tea glass is sort of triangular. too funny!! (that is a picture to keep and scrapbook with the story!!!)