Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sleep and staples

My poor Hubby! He went to work Tuesday morning around 8 a.m. He didn't come home until Wednesday morning at 6 a.m.! Then he took a shower and went back to work. He got home at 5:45 last night and then we had to go work in the nursery at church. Luckily there was another couple there, so Hubby went to nap in the car.

Right now (10:47) he's still sleeping, which is as it should be. He signed off on the big project yesterday, so I'm hoping that's the end of the really late nights (he's been getting home after 8 most nights, and even worked a couple of weekends).

I'm in the middle of cleaning up a bit. I invited a friend (my soccer mom friend) and her three kids over for the afternoon. And while the house looks fine, I always like to clean the floors before company comes. There's nothing ickier than a white tile floor with stuff all over it.

Then later, I have to take the five year old in to get the staples removed from his head. Yes, staples. He was getting a ride in my wheeled desk chair and slammed his head into a corner of the entertainment center. It was just enough of a nasty cut that I took him to the hospital (this was last Thursday). They said the staples could come out in a week. He was really good about it. I knew he'd be fine when the first thing he said to the triage nurse was, "Do I get a prize?"

So that's my fun day. See you tomorrow!


  1. I can't believe you didn't tell us he got staples in his head! Holy cow! glad he's ok though! And I'm glad hubby is done with his big project :-)

  2. Ummmmm yeah...I swore the Dr. who removed my staples (from my head) said that the Dr. who did it should have never used staples as those are more for abdominal closures...

    Anyway...I hope it didn't hurt as badly for him as it did for me when they pulled them out!