Thursday, June 14, 2007

Vacation is coming!

What I like most about vacation:
  • No house cleaning. If there's a mess, it's generally contained to the one hotel room.
  • Not as much cooking/food preparation. We will sometimes get a room with a kitchen, or bring sandwich materials along for lunch, but mostly I get a break.
  • Less fighting among the boys. Too many new and exciting things to do to fight with your brothers.
  • Lots of new and exciting things to see. My favorite vacations are when I get to go places I've never been before. But just exciting is good too, like amusement parks.

What I like least about vacation:

  • Packing. This is number one on my list. I hate everything associated with packing, from dragging out the suitcases to that incessant feeling that I've forgotten something.
  • Followed closely by unpacking. I often leave stuff in the suitcases for weeks after a trip.
  • The trip itself. Whether flying or driving, the travel part, with small children, is sheer torture.
  • Coming home again. It always has to end, doesn't it?

Okay, I'm gonna go start packing. Ugh.

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