Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wild Card Wednesday, or why I have to clean my floor six times a day

The other day we had company, and my floors were spotless. This is mainly because I threatened to hurt anyone who came into the room while the floor was still wet, even Hubby. See, my Hoover Floormate is supposed to sqeegee the floor dry, but that only works on level floors. Whoever installed the tiles in our basement was either seriously drunk or just decided, "Level, shmevel - I'm eyeballing it." Either way, the end result is that you have to wait a little for the floor to dry before walking on it, or you leave dirty footprints.

So my floors were still clean Monday morning. Then the children woke up. I cannot count how many times things have been spilled since then, but it numbers in the teens at least. Which brings me to my picture for TKW's game.

My youngest is sitting here behind me dipping things in his lemonade. Every now and then, he says, "Mommy, wet!" So there's my W word. Of course, when I tried to get a video he stopped saying it.

And if you think all that lemonade stayed neatly on the table, you are sadly mistaken, my friends. I know, I know, why doesn't he have a sippy cup? Last night he was drinking very neatly from an open cup with a straw, with nary a morsel being dipped in for fun. Pretty stupid of me to think that trend would continue.

So, did you play?


  1. OMG.

    I'm cringing thinking of what happens when those few spots of lemonade that you (I) inevitably miss dry up and then become te world's largest lint and dust magnets. I HATE that.

    WWWWWWet! Bonus points!!!

  2. I did play.
    I only clean my floor once a day. I swiffer every night after dinner. otherwise i'm just wasting time.

  3. It must be stressful when the children are let loose!

  4. Hmm, little sticky lemon-aid drops...not so fun when dog hair gets stuck in it like it did at my house when the teenager was young.

  5. such a cutie!
    My daughter used to dip EVERYTHING in whatever she was drinking, and she'd still drink it! It got pretty gross sometimes!!
    I played too :-)